Sahara Sparks 2018 + AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2018 is a joint event co-organized by Sahara Sparks and AfriLabs.

Sahara Sparks is the largest innovation and technology entrepreneurship event in Africa. The event is an avenue for discussion around technological trends and the use of technology to impact the community and drive positive changes. The event also provides a platform for African startups to pitch and showcase their products to investors and potential partners. 2018 is themed, "Innovation in The Data Age".

AfriLabs is the largest network of innovation spaces and tech hubs across the African continent. Sahara Sparks brings together young African leaders in Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship in one platform. This year’s event will bring together speakers, investors, startups, and attendees from across the African continent.

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Thursday, 11th October 2018


Africa Innovation Ecosystem faces a big data challenge. Data gaps have limited breakthrough innovations to emerge from the African continent. Startups and businesses are struggling to adapt innovative strategic business models due to lack of reliable information. Africa like the rest of the world is living in the Data Age whereby everything is controlled by data. The focus this year is on how digital innovations and data can foster Africa's social economic development.

Big Data and Analytics

Agriculture Data, Climate Data, Communication Data, Transport Data, Financial Data etc are key for the development of any society. The data helps people make informed decisions and take strategic actions. This year's event is assessing how can we use data in the effort to promote growth and prosperity of the African continent, developing digital innovations and sustainable solutions addressing global challenges.

Building African Innovation Ecosystems | Partner | AfriLabs

Africa Innovation Ecosystem is evolving exponentially with currently, over 300 physical innovation spaces; incubators, labs, makerspaces, co-creation spaces, FabLabs, accelerators etc spreading across the continent. The spaces spark the growth of other key ecosystem supporting blocks such as; local events (meetups) and investment networks (angel investment and venture capital). How can we develop these innovation blocks further and fill the existing gaps?

The Future of Agriculture and Food Security | Partner | World Food Programme

Agriculture is the largest sector in the African economies, based mainly on small farm holders; IoT solutions already help with the operation of small farms including by increasing their productivity, increasing their profits, and advancing civil and industrial cooperation. How can we adopt new trending technologies such as; drones, remote sensors, AI, 3D printers, robotics, e-portals etc. to increase productivity, quality of produce, distribution systems etc in the sector?

Industrial Revolution and Smart Manufacturing | Partner | Central Government

The world is currently speaking about the fourth industrial revolution and economic globalization. Are there manufacturing industries in Africa better suited to take advantage of the IIoT revolution? How is Africa prepared for this massive change? Can we afford to sit down and watch?

Friday, 12th October 2018

Fintech and The Digital Economy | Partner | AfriLabs

The number of SIM cards in use in Sub-Saharan Africa reached 731 million at the end of 2016, and is expected to rise to nearly one billion by 2020. By this time, the number of mobile broadband connections will reach half a billion, more than double the number at the end of 2016 - GSMA. digital applications have encouraged the growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises through access to ICT-enabled financial services and marketing. With the new trending technologies such as crypto currency and blockchain what should we expect?

Urbanization and Future Cities | Partner | Sahara Ventures

The International Telecommunication Union defines a smart city as “an innovative city that uses ICTs and other means to improve quality of life, efficiency of urban operation and services and competitiveness, while ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations with respect to economic, social and environmental aspects. Can Africa redifine the concept of smart cities on its own terms? The case of Silicon Dar.

Women in Innovation and Technology | Partner | Sahara Ventures

In a highly male dominated Africa's tech scene more interesting stories are developing with more young successful female tech-preneurs flexing muscles with their male counterparts. These women create and innovate, exploiting ideas, products and services to produce dynamic businesses. How do we encourage more of these stories? Can we bridge the gender gap in Africa's tech scene? What needs to be done?

Artificial Intelligence and eHealth Innovations | Partner | Fondation Botnar

Global thought leaders believe the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by a range of new technologies that are combining the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging the laws of nature and ideas about what it means to be human. What does this mean to the future of African healthcare systems? Are we ready for these massive changes? What are the opportunities?

Investor Session and Funding For Startups | Partner | TAIN/TVCN

In 2017, African tech startups raised funding in excess of US$195 million, up 51 percent compared to 2016. Africa still fairs low in terms if you compare with other global economies. China and India now account for a quarter of the venture-capital market and they are slowly closing into the United States. Should we expect this to happen any time soon in the continent? What can be done to attract more venture capital and angels investment in the continent?

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