4 Reasons Why You Need More Women In Your Tech Company

Our generation has a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the world.

And we have the technology to thank for that.

On the contrary, we cannot afford to leave women behind.

Technology is designed for everyone, and these gadgets cannot be designed by one gender alone.

There is a huge difference when your team includes a diverse group of men and women. According to the Gallup data, companies that have hired women have proved to raise their competitive advantage over 40%.

The Pew research center has recently discovered that women make up to 40% of the workforce in more than 80 countries globally. The top 5 countries with the highest female representation in the workforce are all in sub-Saharan Africa, including Tanzania.

If you are a tech company, tech enthusiast or however involved you are in tech (which you are), here are 4 reasons why you need more women in the pool of your staff.

According to the founder of Alibaba, Jack ma, women have emotional intelligence that allows them to deal with emotions in the corporate world. Women are more empathetic as they have the ability to inspire people and bring the best out of them through their nurturing nature. They put others before themselves. This creates an environment of effectiveness and harmony in your team.
Teams with more women are more equipped with resources as they have a team of people with different worldviews and perceptions. These teams are likely to be more creative, more effective and more engaged.
Having key women in positions of influence and senior leadership roles in your company will positively encourage and retain more talented women. And that is good for business Diverse teams with women are scientifically proven to improve Operational and Financial Performance. Women have tremendous purchasing power. Organizations who employ more women in key roles are better equipped to meet the needs of the broader market because women know what women want. — The case of investing in women report summary

“If people think alike, then no matter how smart they are they most likely will get stuck at the same locally optimal solutions. Finding new and better solutions, innovating requires thinking differently. That’s why diversity powers innovation.” — Scott Page, The Difference, 2007